When high-pressured water is used to clean the interior surfaces of clogged drains (pipes), and remove grease and other items built up inside the walls of a clogged pipe this process in plumbing is known as Hydrojetting. This is a more comprehensive technique utilized to fix or unclog drains and is often used when standard rooter techniques don’t pack enough punch to clear your blockage.

Do i need Hydrojetting?

If your home’s plumbing system often backs up or you’re experiencing problems with water pressure it may be due to clogged drain pipes and can be signs of more serious issues like root infiltration. An experienced licensed plumber can evaluate your situation and give you the best options. With hydrojetting in particular it’s important to get reliable advice, as misjudging the age and condition of your plumbing system can lead to even worse problems.

How it works.

Entering through a cleanout, an area of the pipes system which makes it possible for a professional to easily obtain access into the plumbing, the plumber inserts a nozzle that is connected into a tank of water. The hose can resist the high-pressured water that is sent to the pipes, while a unique device pressurizes water in the tank.

The plumber needs to have the skill to supply the correct level of water pressure for the combination of your issue and your setup, which fluctuates based on the state of the pipes. Generally, a plumber can pressurize the water as much as some 5,000 psi, or even higher in some cases, and provide up to 20 gallons of water each minute.

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