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Freequently Asked Questions

Why should I hire a licensed Plumber?
The licensing board for plumbing is not there to prevent people from becoming plumbers. It’s purpose is to uphold and enforce the standards and codes set forth which protect your family and neighbors. By hiring a licensed professional you ensure that someone competent and familiar with all code requirements is working in your home or business.
How big is the project of replacing a tub?
It is large. It requires getting into the guts of your plumbing. While you have things opened it makes sense to replace the waste overflow and the faucets as well.
Can you use a snake to clear a tub drain?
You can’t get a snake down the drain hole. You’ll need to remove the overflow plate from the wall of the tub and pull the stopper out of the wall. If you’re lucky you’ll find your clog right there at the end of the mechanism.
Why does re-piping my home with new copper pipe make sense?
The short answer is prevention. Here in L.A. the majority of homes were built before 1980. That’s at least 30 years of corrosion and rust building up. When pipes burst the expense can be astronomical. Even before that though, it causes low water pressure, water contamination and leaks.
What about Plastic over copper?
Over time plastic can become brittle / flimsy. This can lead to early breakage or sagging in lines. Plastic has to be glued which takes time and is subject to deterioration. Copper lasts much longer and can be soldered and checked immediately. Plastic does not bond well with metal, so connections to things like your water heater become likely fail points.
What is the clunk when i turn on my faucet?
More often than not this is just a loose washer within the faucet. If you take it apart look for the screw that goes with the washer. If you can’t find both turn the water back on to see if you can flush them out.
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